About Growers Edge

We've been described as...

“The Google for farmers.” Only we have created search engines to find farmers more profits.

“DTN on steroids”. Although this wasn’t our mission, we enjoy hearing the comparison and compliments. Thank you for the support!

So who are we?

Established in 2007 and located in Des Moines, Iowa, providing informational resources to assist you, the farmer. Our staff and programmers have tremendous industry knowledge in order to work with farmers, like you, to understand your challenges and ideas… then we build solutions.

Our Mission and Goal

Our mission is to increase the farmers knowledge and profitability. This philosophy is universal to everything that we do.

Our goal is to help you with decisions that affect your profitability by providing you with the right solutions and answers. This goal continually drives the development of our business. We’re turning data into useful answers, looking out for thousands of farmers.

What we do

We provide you with valuable daily farming information to make better decisions. We do the legwork for you, to save you time and make you more money. We search and find the your local cash prices, futures markets and market commentary. We do this every day, quickly and conveniently providing you the answers.

We organize all of your critical decision making data to provide you solutions to help you manage and grow profitably. We know these things are important to your farming operation and they are available at any time through your customized account.

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We deliver you relevant and key information, at the right time, for the right outcome... more profit.

What is our business model? Growers Edge is in the organization and information resource business for farmers. By utilizing information and technology we provide you answers and solutions to improve your bottom line.

We realize that to be successful, every farming operation has different needs and goals. That’s why we created a one stop go to website to help you become more organized and make more money. We provide an easy to use platform that quickly and conveniently pulls together all of your critical data into one place. This enables you to make informed decisions that are right for your operation.

Why we do what we do

Because profitable farming is tough.

  • Who is looking out for your interests?
  • Who has the interest of your profits first?
  • Who is fighting for you and your profitability opportunities?
  • Who is providing you unbiased cash price and decision making information?

At Growers Edge, we are dedicated to your success. We are unbiased, independently owned and committed to looking out for you and your profits. We like what we do and the best part is it’s free to you, the farmer.

Why use Growers Edge?

We believe it is important for every farmer, regardless of size, to have free access to the best information, research and answers.

In today’s fast-moving marketplace, the Growers Edge team is constantly innovating; we are committed to helping you find an edge to get ahead and stay ahead.